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About Tornsey

Celebration, freedom and radical honesty; Tornsey shares their experiences of both deep loss and empowering self discovery.
Born in LA, now living in Nashville, they explore reflective, deeply personal songwriting to share her process of leaving a constrictive religion and accepting her sexuality - a story that’s brought them into community, acceptance, and beautiful relationships.
Their debut EP "Find The Sun", released fall 2023, was written and recorded shortly after the artist came out as queer and defined a new life path for herself. The four song project validates listeners with similar experiences through heart wrenching lyricism, emotive choir-like vocal moments, and warm guitars. 
“Three years ago, I was writing songs about how I’d never amount to anything and how much I doubted who I was at every angle. While I’m nowhere near perfectly healed from trauma, broken relationships, and my mental health battles, my identity has shifted so immensely that I finally feel like I’m ready to tell a different side of my story, and make space to explore other’s stories as well,” she says.
“From discovering my sexuality, leaving religion and finding it in my own right, to discovering joy, hope and freedom all over again in unpredictable places, this new wave of music feels so full of openness and love. I think embracing who you are is the most divine path anyone can take, and I hope to keep walking it, bringing as many people along as I can.” 



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